Weekend Update: Men’s Lacrosse gets snubbed, Tennis heads to USC


Hello Stag Fans,

We have been in the process of maintaining the site and trying to upgrade to help keep you as updated as possible on all Stag Sports!  Here’s the latest news:

  • The NCAA Committee completely snubbed the Men’s Lacrosse Team out of the NCAA Tournament.  They ended up including Denver in the tournament, who the Stags beat Head to Head.  Click here for the article.
  • Bill Paxton sat down with Coach Johnson for a 3 part interview about transfer, recruits, and the outlook for next year. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
  • Finally both the Men’s and Women’s tennis teams will head to Los Angeles to take on the University of South California.  This should be a big first round NCAA appearance for the Stags! Go Stags, beat the Trojans!
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Men’s Rugby Update: All-Jesuit Tournament Saturday

Men’s Rugby is in full swing and is hosting it’s first home game(s) of the season!  Come out and support them as they take on Boston College and Holy Cross on the Rugby Pitch/Field (Behind Fairfield Prep, right next to N. Benson Road). People in the village we will most likely wake you up anyway, so why not just stroll out of bed and watch the game?  Other than that the tournament starts  around 8:30 AM, so even if you can make it to the 2:30 game that would be much appreciated!

Game Schedules:

FU vs. BC 8:30 AM

FU B-Side vs. BC 10 AM

FU vs. All Senior Team 10:45 AM

FU B-Side vs. BC 12:45 PM

FU vs. Holy Cross 2:30 PM

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Men’s Rugby downs Sacred Heart in Opener!

By: Justin Furtado

Friday night the Fairfield Men’s Rugby Club opened the spring season against cross-town rival Sacred Heart under the lights at Sacred Heart. Fairfield honored the seniors with many starting in what was probably their final game. Driven by the crowd, Fairfield came out strong and fast, dominating play. Early in the game senior Matt “Zero” Watanabe broke off a huge run down the sidelines for the first score putting the Red Ruggers up 5-0 after the failed conversion kick by sophomore Dan “Fly” Gerwatowski. After that Sacred Heart seemed to find their stride. They drove up the field, pushing back and dominating our back line with a series of phases. Fairfield pushed back once the ball got within the defensive 22 meter line but Sacred Heart converted a penalty kick to bring the game to 5-3, Fairfield lead. This brought Sacred Heart back into the game and their home crowd began to be loud and rowdy. After the ensuing kickoff play began to go back and forth. Senior Big Mike Whitley went down with a split eyebrow, leaving it all on the field for his team during his last game. There was a long stalemate in momentum until the Red Ruggers caught their second wind and drove down the field. Driving within the Sacred Heart 22 meter line, Fairfield pounded the ball towards the try line. Seniors Billy Connors and Rory O’Conner had strong runs that brought the ball within scoring distance. Junior captain Dan “Bloodbath” McGrath grabbed the ball from a ruck and dove towards the try zone. Sacred Heart held him up and controlled the scrum on the 5 meter line. The Red Ruggers quickly regained control of the ball and captain Dan McGrath finished what he started with the try, putting Fairfield up 10-3. Momentum seemed to be in our favor as sophomore fullback Dan Gonzalez turned a miscommunication on the next kickoff into an improbable 90 yard run down the field. He was forced out of bounds at the 5 meter lien, just shy of scoring. This gave Sacred Heart some energy and they drove the ball down the field. Sophomore Alex Cucchi was given a yellow card for a questionable tackle with about six minutes left in the half and that was all the opportunity that Sacred Heart needed. They took full advantage of being a player up and scored to make the game 10-8 in favor of the Red Ruggers at the half.
During halftime Coach Mike Barnett rallied the team, and the seniors each gave words of encouragement. “This is our last game” seemed to be the common theme as the team headed back out onto the pitch. The seniors wanted to win it and the underclassmen didn’t want to lose it for the seniors. Both teams came out from the half digging hard and running fast. Neither team was willing to give an inch until the Red Ruggers caught a lucky break. Sophomore Dan Gerwatowski kicked the ball down field where it was misplayed by a Sacred Heart wing. Senior James Pozzi recovered the ball and tore down the sidelines for the try putting Fairfield up 15-8 and gaining some momentum. Sacred Heart came back with a vengeance after this, running the ball up the field with purpose. Their backs moved with speed and seemed to find all the right holes, eventually scoring to go down 15-13. After the kickoff, the Red Ruggers came out flat but managed to hold Sacred Heart in the middle of the field. Senior Rory O’Connor managed to strip the ball from a Sacred Heart player around the 50 meter line and that changed the momentum of the game. Fairfield came back on the offensive and drove down the field. After a tight battle around the try line the ball crossed and Fairfield went up 20-13. As always Sacred Heart came right back, never willing to roll over and die. They gained possession of the ball and were threatening around the 22 meter line when two costly penalties put the Red Ruggers on the heels on the try line. Sacred Heart managed to drive over the solid defensive line and scored bringing the game back within reach at 20-18, Fairfield lead. The Red Ruggers were not done yet though. Fueled by the senior Anthony “Carlos” Raymond, a hooker playing outside center, and a decent sized crowd who managed to be louder than the Sacred Heart side, Fairfield stormed back after the kickoff and tore down the field. Everyone was playing at their best and flowing together perfectly. Everything finally clicked together when Sophomore Dan Gerwatowski picked the ball up out of the back of a ruck and snuck into the try zone giving the Red Ruggers a solid 25-18 lead with less than ten minutes remaining in the game. Sacred Heart came out fighting after the kickoff but never managed to string together anything substantial. Fairfield held them in the middle of the field until the final whistle blew, giving the Red Ruggers the 25-18 win.
Special thanks to all the seniors who have worked hard, sweat, and bled for this club over the past four years; Gareth McGloughlin, Rory O’Connor, Ralphy Mendez, Anthony “Carlos” Raymond, Big Mike Whitley, Charlie Knights, Billy Connors, Matt “Zero” Watanabe, and Christian Ford. They have given this club everything they could over their careers and they will always be members of the Fairfield Rugby Family. Thanks guys.

Our season continues next weekend March 31 at home where the club will host the 1st annual Fairfield Jesuit Tournament. Boston College and the College of the Holy Cross will be traveling down to compete in a friendly set of matches last from around 8:30AM to 3PM.

Special thanks go out to the fans that traveled to support the club last Friday night. We could not have done it without you.

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Stags host Manhattan, A look into the 2012-2013 Schedule and beyond

Welcome back from Spring Break everyone.  Residence Halls open at 12 pm today, so get back to campus and walk over to Alumni Hall at 4pm!  The Stags take on Manhattan today and the first 100 students in attendance get in free!

  • Also, Chris Elsberry provides perspective on next year’s schedule.  Then Andy Katz announced that the Stags will play in the Hall of Fame tournament at Mohegan Sun during the 2013-2014 season.  That field will include Louisville, Richmond, North Carolina, and Fairfield.



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MAAC Tournament Update: Turn on, Tune it, and Skip Out

This is it.  It has been an up and down roller coaster of a season, but it all comes down to today.  The Men’s and Women’s teams are in the MAAC tournament!  Turn on your spirit, tune in tonight, and skip out of your classes. Here’s the latest Brag:

  • The CT post does a great job as always covering the Stags and their upset against Iona!

  • Here’s an article from Zags Blog about how the Stags won and the Gaels are headed to the NIT.
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MAAC Tournament Update: Ladies beat Iona, Men tomorrow against Rider

It’s the MAAC tournament this weekend! We are excited and looking forward to big things.  Derek Needham is out, but we have a great team.  We can do this. Here’s the latest brag for the weekend:

  • Click here for the Fairfield Basketball Tournament Central.  Check this blog throughout the weekend for all of your Fairfield Basketball needs!  They have the brackets listed as well as all of the MAAC tournament information.
  • The Lady Stags defeated Iona in today’s MAAC quarterfinal. See below for the youtube video from the game.  The girl’s face the winner of Manhattan and Siena tomorrow at 9:30 AM.
  • The Keepin’ Track of the MAAC Blog has a great preview for Fairfield vs. Rider game tomorrow at 2:30 PM.  We played great in the second half of the Rider game.  This weekend will require a team effort and we need to take it one game at a time!
  • The CT Post did a great article on Sean Crawford.  Sean is a great guy and this article is a great read. He is not only a glue guy on our team but in other people’s life!  He is a role model on the team and on campus.  We wish the best for Sean and know that he’s going to do big things this weekend!
  • With the MAAC tournament comes the MAAC awards. Congrats to Rakim Sanders (1st team), and Derek Needham (2nd team)!
Go Stags
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Lady Stags host Loyola, Men on ESPNU at the Levee (drink specials)

Drink specials include: 12 oz. cups of coors light for $2 and $1 cups of sangria!!!!

Big weekend everyone.  Senior night for our Lady Stags at Alumni hall at 7pm.  Everyone please go and support your seniors!! After head on over to the Levee at 9pm to watch the Stags take on Iona.  The game is on ESPN U and there will be some great drink specials!

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Weekend Update: Stags Pound the Hounds, Senior Night Tomorrow

Huge win Sunday against Loyola.  The Stags seem to be clicking at right time and we need to maintain this momentum for the rest of the year.  A big thanks to everyone who tuned into the game on ESPN 3.  The Stags return to action on Wednesday against St. Peter’s.  This should be a great game because of senior night and the chance to get some sweet revenge at home against the Peacocks, who upset the Stags in last years MAAC tournament.

  • Also, the Baltimore Sun provides a recap of yesterday’s game with a few excuses.  The article says that it’s tough to have such a huge win and then play 2 days after.  Last time I checked the MAAC tournament is from March 1st to 5th.  That means a team will have to play a few games in a short time.
  • The CT Post has a game recap from Loyola.
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Weekend Update: Stags put up 80 on Marist, Bracket Buster game at UW-Milwaukee


Well Stag Fans, this weekend was pretty bittersweet. The loss to Iona was tough, but the Marist game provided some optimism as the Stags bounced back.  The Stags look like they’ve learned their lesson and they are ready for this next home game stretch.  Here’s the latest brag:
  • Last night the Bracket Buster game was announced for the Stags.  We will travel to play UW-Milwaukee of the Horizon League.
  • Bill Paxton sits down with Coach Johnson to discuss the Iona and Marist game.  Also here is the link to the latest interview with Coach Johnson.

Should be a great weekend.

Go Stags

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No Game is a Given… Nor Should it Be.

As a fan, you have a right to cheer, you have a right to complain and you have a right to be upset or happy. As a fan of a mid-major college program, you do not have a right to wish for kids to see less playing time, publicly insult their game or question their motives.

I’ve seen a lot of this, this year especially, and haven’t really understood why. These students, who happen to represent Fairfield University by playing basketball, are here for a college education. If you want to get on individual players for their performances, start watching the Knicks or the Celtics. Fairfield basketball should be about the atmosphere of the game and the pride one might carry by cheering on their school or alma matter not a life and death situation.

Its almost impossible to not be upset when we lose games, just like its hard to contain excitement when we win, but we shouldn’t focus our anger and frustration at the team or the players. Fans need to approach this with a “we’ll get the next one” attitude not an “it’s all your fault” one.

If a player has a bad game, let them deal with that on their own or in the privacy of the locker room. There is a reason Coach Johnson and his staff pick the people who play and who doesn’t and we must respect their decision. That’s their job. Fans aren’t watching practice everyday or know how an athlete is doing in class or what’s on his mind. A coach is around that player more than anyone so if he wants to play Player X over Player Y, I’m sure his reason is justified.

There’s no question it has been a difficult season, as expectations were high, but you don’t think other teams had high expectations. Iona with Jones transferring and a strong supporting cast returning had high expectations.  St. Peter’s came off a MAAC Tournament victory. They also had high expectations. Rider was predicted to finish top 4 in the MAAC. The list goes on.

Maybe we’re still waiting to hit our potential or maybe we already have and we’re too inconsistent to hang with good teams. You never know. All I can tell you is that every team is trying to win, every coach is trying to coach and every player is trying to play. There are no exceptions. No team would come and compete if they had no chance of winning. Come out and support the Stags on Friday when they take on Niagara and try to view the team differently; as a collective and whole group.

Go Stags.

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